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New Client Home Buying Process

1.Prequalification by a lender of choice

2.Begin viewing properties in the approved price range

3.Choose a property you love, put in an offer and begin the negotiation process

4.Once buyer and seller agree to a price and both has signed then a legally binding contract is in place.

5.Buyer pay a deposit to hold the home in form of money order or check (Some New construction builders don’t require one)

6.Get home inspection 10-15-day period to have completed from date of signed contract (This is not required but suggested)

7.If home inspection has issue, we submit a request to have repairs done.

(72-hour response) If no issues then move to lender processing.

8.Once loan comes out of underwriting, lender will order the appraisal (Usually 7-10 days to complete)

9.If home appraises for under the negotiated price, the seller will have to choose to sell for the appraised value or void the contract.

(Buyer gets deposit back)

10.If home appraises for the negotiated price or higher, the lender will send out final closing disclosure (CD) for buyer to sign. The buyer will receive the CLEAR TO CLOSE go to closing 72 hours after CD is signed.

11.The closing process normally takes about 1-2 hours to sign all paperwork and receive the KEYS to your NEW HOME.


“Remember, With God ALL Things are Possible”

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